flying cows
BüNZLi #8 - 9th-11th juli 1999, Beromünster, Switzerland

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      Important Notes

reservations once again, you'll be able to reserve your table spaces. Drop a mail to the organizers at:

sleeping There will be a sleeping room with beds but w/o cover sheets, so bring along your sleeping bag.

showers No party would be complete without showers. So bring along your towel and shampoo.

contributions If you feel like enriching our party with any kind of contribution (like life-acts, presentation, karaoke or whatever) you'd make us perfectly happy. Contact us, since it's best if we can plan this together.

behaviour Same rules as last year:
  • it's gravely forbidden to feed the parrots!! (no "cracker for polly"! unless you're willing to clean up the whole partyplace... [afraid?] )

  • it's forbidden to eat and drink in the theatre part of the partyplace

  • Smoking inside the partyplace is not allowed, so just walk about 10m out of the room to find yourself outside (shilded from any heavenly droppings) where smoking is allowed.

  • Drugs and alcohol are not allowed

  • If you break something it is _not_ our fault. You will have to pay for the damage _you_ cause.

Since we didn't encounter any grave problems concerning your behaviour until now, there's no need for further restrictions.

contact as usual, if there's any question...

s-mail      Loris Chiocca
Im Fink 13
CH-8800 Thalwil

voice      +41 1 720 78 97