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BüNZLi #8 - 9th-11th juli 1999, Beromünster, Switzerland

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      General Information

doors opening Friday, 9th of July 1999, 17.00

doors closing Sunday, 11th of July 1999, 12.00

entrance fee 30 sFr.

location Jugendwerk Don Bosco
Don Bosco Strasse
6215 Beromünster LU

timetable Deadlines will be on saturday, early evening, thus the competitions will be in late evening. A detailled timetable is going to be published at the party itself

what to bring along We're a whole-Swiss-party, so bring along whatever system your heart desires (unless it consumes more than 10kW power and is bigger than 20 sqm)

what we provide ·-» space for you and your computer
·-» one Swiss 220V power jack
·-» a UTP/STP port for ethernet

how to get there

 (old but valid)
Well... the party location is quite far from the next railway station and since we've got plenty of parking space we recommend coming by car. If you wan't to come be public transportation, please write us a mail _as_soon_as_possible_, so we know where to get you. In case you're coming by car, we recommend you to consult a map.(but before you leave [hint] )